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(1) Information Video (Very important to understand which service package you should choose)

Blended Learning (click on this link to start the video)


(2)Summary of our service packages

 2019 packages

(3) Terms & Conditions 2019 

Class fees for 2019

Refer to packages table
Registration is valid until the day that you cancel

Annual Registration fee

Refer to packages table

(New: if not paid on time, your child may be asked to leave the class after we have send a 2nd/3rd invoice/contact message)

Fees are payable as follows: (Standard Package Only)

Public schools

Private schools

1st term



2nd term



3rd term



4th term


 Times are tough and unforeseen financial trouble can arise. Please contact us to make arrangements for installments during such a time, rather than to fall behind.


R100-00 discount if you pay all the money for the year before the end of February 2019!

Cancellation notes

One month's notice is needed when your child does not continue with class. Staying away ≠ cancellation.

Public holidays:

No classes.


No robotics when there are strikes and riots en route to the school or at the school. We will not endanger any of our kids/staff. That class is not available as a catch-up class.


 (New rules)

It seems as if this year a new thing has taken over – we have become a “day care/play date” for many children. They do not adhere to the class rules and are not there to learn robotics, but to play and disrupt the class. We also have a couple of bullies and foul mouths this year. The following new rules will be in place with immediate effect:

1.      When a child misbehaves, he will get a first letter home as warning. The second time will be suspension from class. This includes foul language, bullying and disruptive behaviour or playing/fooling around in class and theft of pieces.

2.      When a child’s fees are not paid within the rules as set out above – he will also receive a letter of suspension. We are not a charity organization.


Please check our website often for important dates.

We are working according to the same times as the schools. When they are open, so are we. When they are closed, so are we.


          January – we start the 1st week after the public schools open

          November - we close on the 30th.

No refunds

If you have paid the class fees and for some reason you do not wish to continue with class, you will not receive a refund, even if you have paid for a term or for the year in advance. Please pay wisely.

Classes missed

If we miss a class for some reason (strikes/riots excluded), we will contact you to arrange for extra time. If your school is closed on the day/time of our class for any school related issues, we are not obligated to catch up on that class.

If your child miss a class due to illness, sport or any unforeseen circumstances, please contact us to make alternative arrangements. If your child only stays away without any notice, you will forfeit that class. (voluntary holidays does not count for catch-up lessons).
Fees are still payable even if you miss a class. It works the same as a gym contract.


Caring services

None. Please make arrangements for your child's safety. They can stay with us in class until you fetch them in unforeseen circumstances. In such a case, please contact us to make arrangements. We cannot supervise kids before or after class - outside of the classroom - as we are busy with another class.

There will be extra charges to your account if you are more than 10 minutes late (after our last class on each day)

Follow up

We do not follow up when kids are not attending class. They have lots of extra-murals and sometimes miss class for competitions, eisteddfods, exams etc. If we have to follow up on each kid not attending class, we will be more on the phone than in class. It is the parent's responsibility to know when his child is not attending class.

When they go to robotics straight after school, ask them in the afternoon about class. Don’t rely on them attending. We cannot run through the schools looking for each absent child.


Primarily by email or SMS with regards to class fees, changes to times, LEGO specials, competitions etc. Please keep your details updated.

Messages are usually send to the mothers' details as they are more available for quick changes. In the case of divorced parents – please forward the information to the correct person for attention, especially when it comes to payments.

When a child is at the school's aftercare, please make sure the aftercare knows of any changes in schedules.


Join our Facebook page for updates and class photos.    https://www.facebook.com/TROPHYROBOTICS/

****Methods of payment
New (note)

Cash in class or EFT. The banking details are at the bottom of the invoices/statements. Invoices are made out in the child's name, not in a business/trust name.

Please DO NOT make cash payments at any bank. The bank fees are extremely high!

Our contact details

Zelda:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   /    082 851 8892

Pieter: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  /   082 479 2714


(4) >> Find your Club venue and time

(5) >>Go to Registration Form


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