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Trophy Robotics is the place where your child wants to be!!

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The SPORT for the MIND club    



TCR offers robotics classes to children to offer them opportunities to:

experience STEM in a fun way

make better informed choices when choosing subjects at the end of gr 9

 solve problems following the design process

 present their projects to the public and

 To work in a friendly (classroom) as well as stressful environments (competitions)


In class we:

Learn by following the facilitator or
By Step-by-step instructions or
By reading a 2D picture or
By copying a 3D model.
•We also have creative designs where we can
explore our own ideas.
We learn how to work in groups
To share and
To be organized

For competitions we:

Follow the design process to find a problem and
to solve that problem.
Learn how to present our solutions
Design and build robots to complete specific
tasks given by the organizers in a given time


So basically, the kids are learning life skills with robotics as the teaching medium


Upcoming Events

10 September 2016

National Robotics Olympiad

2 Trophy Robotics Teams competing in the Explorer Division and the Middle School Exhibition Division

Read more

22 October 2016

FIRST Lego League Tournament

Trophy Robotics has entered 3 teams for this season.

29  October 2016

DestructoBots Workshop

5 November 2016

DestructoBots Competition: Year-end Finals

Read more about it here:

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